One day, a photo will be all you have left.

Hey y’all! Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is starting the new year off in the right direction. I know I am! By that, I mean returning to my blog. One of my resolutions is not neglecting it and really finding the time to write about more topics for y’all and for myself.

I have something that’s been weighing heavily on my mind lately.. and that’s photographs. As most of you know, I’m a photographer in my spare time of raising my three children. I do photo shoots on the weekend when my husband’s home, or I try to squeeze them in during the week if he’s off. I absolutely love taking photos for people. I love capturing those special moments- engagement, pregnancy, gender reveals, military homecomings.. Its truly an honor to be the one who gets to give you those memories on paper. Who gets to know the gender of your baby before your family does. Who gets to see your face the first time you see your loved one after a deployment. Me. I get to be the one who you trust, to capture those priceless moments.

I love every minute of it. Every minute.

As much as I love seeing your families together, smiling, laughing, kissing.. you know what I forget? I forget to capture those types of emotions and moments with my family. I get so wrapped up in taking photos for others, that I forget to take some of my kids and my husband and I. I have to not forget. You know why? Well, at some point, that photo of you holding your baby for the first time in the hospital room after just giving birth, may be the only photo your baby has. Life happens y’all. Life happens. Your entire world can flip upside down in a matter of seconds.

I’ve seen it happen. Just because you’re young or you think, “oh it’s okay, I’ll do it tomorrow,” doesn’t mean that tomorrow will come. One day you’re going to sit and try to remember that crooked little smile your son did when he was 8. You’re going to try to remember what your husband looked like on your wedding day, while you walked down the isle towards him. You’re going to wish you could of saw your face when you got proposed to. You’re going to wish you took that photo of your daughter who was 9 months pregnant, so you could remember her face when she was about to become a mother herself. You’re going to wish you had the photos to support the memories you had.

Photographs are timeless.

One day when you’re old and and gray, you’re going to look back at the photos are remember.

You’re going to remember what your husbands cologne smelled like when he kissed you at the alter.

You’re going to hear the cries of your first child being born when you look at the photo of them on the scale after delivery.

You’re going to taste the tears you had when you saw you were about to be asked to be someone’s wife.

No one is going to care if your hair wasn’t done that day. No one is going to care if you wore make up, if you were going through a “heavy” stage, or if you had your eyes closed. People are going to remember YOU. Just you. Your kids are going to look at photos and remember mom.

Your husband will look at photos and remember you, his wife, the love of his life..not the sweat pants and T-shirt you wore that day.

If you ever wanted family pictures done, DO IT. If you wanted to hire a photographer for your wedding, but thought it cost too much, DO IT. If you wanted to do a surprise proposal and needed it captured, get a photographer! I promise you won’t regret it. You won’t regret having those memories in your heart and in your hands.

Photos are so important. Always stop and remember to take the photos, and be IN the photos.

Because one day, photos are all you’ll have left..

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