Stop judging other parents.

Here I am, sitting in the Kroger grocery pick up line while my kids are literally screaming at each other. The baby is crying, my daughter is yelling at my oldest son because he looked out HER window and my son is yelling at my daughter because he can look where ever he wants, the right area of the world isn’t hers. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I put my windows down because honestly, it’s a nice day at a beautiful 67 degrees here in Texas and I want to get oxygen that isn’t contaminated with the screams of my children.

I have this car next to me, a woman in it about 40? A bit older than me maybe. She just keeps staring at me. Well, glaring at me if I’m being honest. So what do I do? Smile. I smiled at her. She shook her head. Like shook it in disgust. She says, “maybe try controlling them.” As if it’s that easy. Ha. She has NO idea of the type of morning I’ve already had by 10am.

I don’t dare bringing my children into the grocery store anymore, hence why I’m in the grocery pick up line in the first place. With her by the way, but do you see me judging her reasoning behind needing someone else to do her shopping for her? Nope. don’t care. I won’t lose sleep over it.

Anyways, my morning was filled with screams, head bangs (from my 18 month old, because apparently dropping to your knees and hitting your head on the floor every time you hear the word “no” is the proper way to handle that situation.) arguments, broken bowls and spilled milk. I also stubbed my toe on the bench when I was getting my shoes on, which really freaking hurt and can put you in a bad mood in 2 seconds.

I literally had to stop an argument between my oldest two about if swallowing gum makes your poop stuck later on. Again, 🤦🏻‍♀️. My oldest said he couldn’t go to the bathroom and my daughter said its probably the gum you swallowed earlier. Now your poop is stuck forever. (Insert evil laugh here)

Of course, he said that isn’t true, she said it is, and that is where world war 10 started. I corrected the situation that swallowing gum does in fact make you constipated, because let’s face it, I don’t want them swallowing gum. I told them from now on I won’t be there referee. They need to figure out their disagreements by themselves because I can’t constantly solve all their problems.

I know, I’m terrible right?

So back to the woman in the kroger grocery pick up who made a comment to me about controlling my kids. I told her, ” actually, I’m teaching them to figure out their own arguments and come to an agreement together. I can’t control everything they say or do. Why don’t you learn something from them and figure out a solution to your problem, like maybe rolling up your window. ”

So yeah, I probably shouldn’t of said something so snappy, BUT again, with my morning, I thought I handled it well.

By the time I had all my groceries loaded up my kids were laughing because my youngest was blowing raspberries on their hands and his face looked like a squirrel.

I waved to the woman who was parked next to me as I backed out and you know what she did? She smiled. Yup, she smiled at ME. I pulled off feeling pretty good. My kids handled their debate about looking out each other’s windows, they decided they can look out each other’s windows as long as the other person says so. Landon stopped crying over his one shoe being on, because he finally pulled it off and I got my groceries without having to step foot in the store.

Basically, all I’m saying is, something may look “bad” when you only see a glimpse of it..but you shouldn’t judge it based off one page.

I ultimately have really happy kids, they just fight sometimes like normal siblings do. I scream sometimes, but I love them more than life itself. We have bad days, but it doesn’t mean we suck at our jobs. ❤️ You’re doing alright mamas!

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