Target is underrated.

Let’s dive right in, have y’all seen target’s dollar spot items lately?! If you are wanting CHEAP, CUTE, & STYLISH decor, check them out!

I walked into target the other day and stopped at the dollar bins like I usually do, because if I don’t come home with a $1 toy for each of my kids they think I don’t love them anymore.

Judge me, I’m a sucker.

So I’m walking, scoping out the bins, and was shocked at all their fall/Halloween decor. It was so cute! Check out this mini colander, and these adorable mini apples!!

Aren’t they adorable! Each were only $3! I put them up on my kitchen shelves in a cute little display.

I think I spent a total of $20 in the dollar bins and was able to decorate two areas of my house for fall/Halloween.

Not only does target have those steal deal bins, they have a STARBUCKS! Hello! What could be better? Oh, I know! That Starbucks offers FREE refills on iced coffees while you’re in the store! I know, your jaws just dropped on the floor. Pick them up and go get you a coffee and some steal deal decor!

I started my coffee bar decor for the fall and these adorable spooky trees were the perfect touch! Also complementary of Target dollar section.

Now before you freak out over my rae Dunn Hocus Pocus mug, I know.. how, right?! Again, it was target! Fake it because I’ll never get a real one since they are impossible to find. It’s a black hearth and home mug with a decal from Etsy. πŸ™‚ I didn’t have to spend $100 on Mercari for a mug that I can make myself. Yet again, I saved you money. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Walmart has always been known as the “cheap” store to hit up when you need decor, but target has got them beat! In my opinion at least.

It may not be fall YET, but you’ll need these amazingly cute $3 towels to display on your oven.

Recap, target has got you covered with cheap, cute decor, free Starbucks coffee refills and so many things to choose from! I’d love to see what YOU have found in the bullseye playground! Drop your photos below and have a great Sunday!



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