School supply shopping is a scam.

I have three kids, two of which are going to Elementary school this year. I get their supply lists and begin glancing it over. The first thing I notice, in big bold letters is, “Do not label supplies with your child’s name.” UMMM WHAT?! Why the hell not?! I bought it. My child picked it out. I should be able to bust out my label maker and slap a sticker on all their supplies in a cool font.

But no, not in today’s world! All the fun is sucked right out of it. I know when I was little I LOVED going to target or Kmart (Kmart used to be the best by the way!!) and carefully pick out all the cool supplies. Glitter pencils, gel pens, notebooks with my little ponies on the front. Though, of course, you had to pick up a couple Lisa Frank folders. You know, the rainbow ones with puppies or dolphins on the front. You weren’t school ready until that Lisa Frank folder was sticking out of your backpack with your bead buddy keychain, that you made the night before, hanging off your zipper.

I mean, it was the best of times. Now? Now I have to walk into Walmart and grab all the basic crap out of a bin in the middle of the isle, and cross it off the classroom list. Not my children’s list, the classroom list! I can’t label his things remember? So I’m buying supplies for everyone else’s kids, I’m buying 8 packs of tissues for everyone else’s snotty noses. Which is fine, I mean, I have no problem helping out my children’s classroom. It is their classroom, that their apart of too, so some of the things I’m buying may end up in their hands… but let’s face it.. all the glue sticks will get thrown in a glue bin regardless if you bought white glue, glitter glue, or invisible glue.

Would someone really know if I only bought 4 packs of number two pencils or 3 packs? Probably not! I bet some parents don’t even buy supplies at all because they know the classroom will hand it out on the first day of school. Those are the smart parents. Getting their children free erasers and stuff. Kidding. Totally kidding.

Kind of.. haha.

Seriously though, I wish my kids got to experience the excitement of starting their first day of school with their puppy notebook, pink gel pen, and blue pencil box with a secret compartment for their “things” in it. What’s next? Everyone needs to buy a solid color book bag and hand that over too?

Well, it is what it is. That’s how public schools are into nowadays. My kids don’t even need to go with me to get their supplies, their getting the basic, boring colored spirals & a clear pencil box.

Who thinks Lisa Frank needs to make a call and demand her products be on every school supply list? I’m down to sign that petition. Until then, you’ll find me at target buying 17 glue sticks for my child’s classroom.



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