How to show off your house, without the hefty price tag.

Hey y’all!

I know most of us have Pinterest pages and most of us have those wishful boards that are titled “Dream House” or “Backyard Oasis.” Am I right?

We all see things that we wish we could afford, or that we could walk past every day in our own home. Unfortunately, fancy things cost money. You can’t even buy a nice coffee table anymore without throwing down a car payment or two at Nebraska Furniture Mart. So why not build it? Why not build that beautiful bench you have saved on your “Hallways Board,” that stunning wood mantle that you see with 6 little stockings hung on your “Holiday Decor” board? Why not, right?

Probably because you don’t have time to do it or because you think it will cost just as much to do it yourself. You would be pretty surprised to find out how much time it doesn’t take to make a bench, or a coat rack. Honestly, think about how much time you waste driving to stores, looking at different pieces of furniture, trying to visualize that piece in the exact spot of your home you want it for. Measuring things, getting disappointed when it’s too long or too short. Driving to the next store only to see a bench you really love but it’s the wrong stain color and it won’t match the little hint of lavender you have in your dining room. Think about how much time it takes to FIND exactly what you want. Why not put that time towards MAKING exactly what you want.

Below is a picture I screenshot from a website that was selling floating shelves. They provided a couple different stain options and length options. Which is nice, but again, what if your wall that needs shelves is 9 feet long and you need shelves that are 4 1/2 feet long? You’d have to settle for what’s being offered or keep searching.

Anyways, for 6 floating shelves it comes out to a smidge under $500 bucks. Shipping not included. Oy. That’s going to be a hard pill to swallow. So here you are at checkout, possibly settling for a stain color that may not match (& let’s be honest, you don’t have the option to return because it’s custom made and I’m sure you’re not going to want to pay to send those puppies back). & possibly a size that isn’t quite what you need for that perfect spot in your dining room above your 7 foot dining table. Save the frustration, save your wallet and do it yourself!

My husband has not always been the best wood worker. It took him a lot of practice and YouTube videos and mistakes to finally feel confident enough to make furniture. I wanted floating shelves in our living room so bad. I love the modern farmhouse style and I love wood furniture. My husband, Charles, I’m going to start calling him by his first name instead of being all proper and saying my husband all the time. So anyways, Charles said he would build floating shelves for me. He did 6 shelves, at 5 feet long. Stained it with briarsmoke (That color wasn’t even on any of the options when checking out.) and hung them to the studs on the wall. They turned out beautifully. I’ve attached a few photos below to show you.

Now, look at those stunning masterpieces, how much do you think Charles spent in wood, stain, nails, etc? Would your jaw drop if I said under $125 bucks for all 6 beauties? Well, pick your jaws up off the floor because it’s TRUE! You can have beautiful pieces like this in your home that fits your budget!

If you’d like a list of materials to buy, drop a comment below and I’ll send it on over!

Moving on, hacks to showing off your work, flawlessly.

How many of you see photos on Pinterest and think, “well I need a fancy camera to make my photo look that good.” WRONG! You don’t. This is coming from a photographer.. you don’t need an expensive camera for your photos to look like they belong on Pinterest or a modern farmhouse catalog. All you need is a little angle practice, good filters, and a phone. Angels are EVERYTHING. Really they are. I’ve attached two photos below to show you the same item, taken at different angles.

Which photo looks better? I’m going to place all my money on the top photo and win this game. It’s the same towel, the same kitchen, the same colors… but it’s taken at a different angle! You don’t need a $700 dollar camera for your photos to turn out page worthy. You just need to study your angles. If you have an IPhone, using your portrait setting in your camera and scrolling over to contour light will blur your background out and give you a vivid photo of your subject. Seriously, try it out. It will change the way you take photos! (Below are photos of my shelves using that camera hack.)



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